Weekendhapjes! (deel 282)

Redactie 31 aug 2018 Girls

Vrienden van het goede leven. Met de werkweek achter ons galopperen we zo het weekend weer in. Je vraagt je ongetwijfeld af wat voor sublieme schoonheden wij deze week weer voor je in petto hebben. Nou, heel wat moois. Speciaal voor jullie hebben we weer een stapel bloedmooie vrouwen geselecteerd die jouw vrijdagavond compleet gaan maken. Het was ontzettend zwaar werk, maar het is gelukt. Ga er lekker voor zitten en geniet van deze goedgevormde godswonderen!

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? P A R A D I S E ?|| @josyrussoniello

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? Happy Sunday ? @rhythmswimwear

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Edited for @instagram because the community standards won’t let me be great ???‍♀️ Happy to be in Miami this week with my @si_swimsuit family to help with their first ever open casting call ! It’s gonna be a game changer ya’ll

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Hi ?

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Nothing haunts us like the things WE DON’T SAY ? – #SammySep _____________________________________________________ #samanthasepulveda #lingerie #wordsofwisdom ??‍♀️ #TheModelCop ??‍♀️?? So say it, express it, tell them, and be done with it. No need in holding onto those words. A pen?itself is not heavy but holding it long enough will strain you, the weight will burden you. So speak it and let it go ?

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En mode Vacances?Shooting d’été avec la très talentueuse ?@kenzalebas ❤️& stuning @juliananepo ❤️Merci Merci Merci de nous suivre « Lovelies Ninettes »???#ninadescriquets #bralette #lacelover #lingerie

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1+1=1 ?

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Gooooooodnight ✨

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Love @lindseypelas ❤️ @palms Las Vegas

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Protect your energy ⚡???️ #model #morning #chocolate ph: @maddygrace18

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Todays vibes

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‘This is me and you ?. I’m the one on the right’ for all of you that are about to comment that, or have in the past, please consider this… why are you putting yourself down to lift up your friend? Why are you using my perfectly healthy body as a joke? Why are you such an asshole?( jokes) but seriously please consider that what you write online will always have an effect. Be conscious of your online presence. Remember that regardless of what you may think of someone’s body that human being is still worthy of self love and respect. ✨✨✨✨✨ We all have so much more to offer this world than just our bodies and physical beauty regardless of the pressures put on everyone, (men and women alike) to look a certain way. Being physically healthy is so so important, but so is your mental health. Don't let your brain morph your body into something you hate. Be kind to yourself. Be aware of what is marketed to you as healthy. Remind yourself that we are all human, we all have 'flaws' we all have 'insecurities' and that's ok. You do you. Be the healthiest version of yourself. EDIT: This is not an invitation to say ‘the right one is better’ regardless of left or right this statement goes for both of us. Don’t miss the point people!

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Can you stand the rain ?

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Wat doen jullie met dit weer??? #waterskiing ? by @kaspervansteveninck @fhm_nederland

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Throwing it back with @msgigiparis ☀️?

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what’s the password? @fashionnova

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my gang ⚡️

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? @partylikejzl

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@saradoku #fedorshmidt Link to the full vlog in bio

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