Weekendhapjes! (deel 280)

Redactie 10 aug 2018 Girls

We waren alweer bijna vergeten hoe het eruit zag en hoe het voelde, maar we weten weer wat regen is. Ook wel effe lekker, zolang we daarna maar weer verder gaan met de zonnige dagen. Bij onze Weekendhapjes is het gewoon nog hoog zomer hoor, maak je daar maar geen zorgen over. Deel 280 alweer. Mocht je de editie van vorige week hebben gemist, dan moet je gewoon even hier klikken met je muis.

Since I can’t take any pictures right now here’s a picture of me a week ago smmm

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The Benz @mariamadiallo_ for @gooseberryintimates

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Bespoke hat greatness by @creatures_of_the_wild_unknown ? Love it! Gracias Jack!

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Your worth is not measured by the size of your waist, boobs, butt or whatever body feature you can name. If I would have a nasty personality you would skip me at a certain moment. Personally I will remember people by how they act around me, talk to me and behave to others. And calculate from there if I like you or not, even though you might look like a supermodel? Your personality is your business card and will never even be equal to how you look. Beauty attracts the eye… but personality attracts the heart and mind. N͟͟e͟͟v͟͟e͟͟r͟͟ forget that!♥️♥️♥️ Have a blessed Monday?✨✨ #teamnochtli #positivethinking #beauty #personality ?@jeremy.mettendaf

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Les gusta este #tbt ??? Cuentenme. Los leo: ?

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‘Naku Penda Piya – Naku Taka Piya – Mpenziwe’ Pic @kern_thompson Hair @remarcable2304 MUA @boetjesilanno Lingerie @sapphbyfaya @sapphlingerie #mariabaley #lingerie #model #mj

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Life is what you bake of it ? #LA

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she sees in black & white but loves in color

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Love skating, also sleeping.?? #nightnight

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Have you ever been in love? ? @aylaelainephotography

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? summer beach nights with @maxmorephoto

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What’s in ur jacket?

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Happy hump ? Snapchat- marliimarinac

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??‍♀️took a trip offshore?

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#fuzzy ?@calebandgladys

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Hello my dear friend ? Ph: @joakim__karlsson Md: @thejulia

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