In The Atlas of Beauty zijn vrouwen uit 60 verschillende landen gefotografeerd

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De Roemeense fotografe Mihaela Noroc reisde de afgelopen vier jaar de wereld rond met haar backpack en camera. Overal waar zij kwam fotografeerde zij alledaagse vrouwen in de landen waar zij kwam. Zij bundelde haar werk dat uitmondde in het project The Atlas of Beauty.

Haar doel was om te laten zien dat vrouwen prachtig zijn in al hun diversiteit en niet alleen wat je voorgeschoteld krijgt door de massamedia. Mooi uitgangspunt. We geven het woord aan Mihaela: “For me, the real beauty has no age, colours or trends. You can find it in Africa or in Europe, in a village or in a skyscraper, in a smile, in a gesture, in an intense gaze, in some wrinkles, or in a story. You can find it in every kind-hearted human being.“

The Atlas of Beauty is nu uitgegroeid tot een boek met meer dan 500 portretten en bijbehorende interessante verhalen. Een greep uit dat boek vind je hieronder.

1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Sona was celebrating Holi when I met her.Sona was celebrating Holi when I met her.

2. Ethiopië 

She is a Muslim and her best friend, another young woman who owns this small terrace, is a Christian. While traveling in Ethiopia, in February, I admired the way Christians and Muslims get along. I saw many beautiful friendships that go beyond religion.

3. Baku, Azerbeidzjan 

In a society dominated by men, where many women are still afraid to be photographed without asking permission from their husbands, things are changing. There are more and more Azerbaijani women who fight for gender equality and although they are now a minority, I’m sure they will soon be a majority. Fidan is one of these amazing women who would never start a relationship, if she wouldn’t be treated equally and respected.

4. Teheran, Iran

Mahsa is a graphic designer and is proud of the fact that from the time she turned eighteen, she has been financially independent.

5, Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan

She was working in the field in one of the most remote places of the world.

6. Amazone Regenwoud

She was wearing her wedding outfit.

7. Kathmandu, Nepal

She was walking with her son. She didn’t speak English, but he did. So I told him I wanted to photograph his mother. And he asked me why. ‘Because she’s beautiful.’ He proudly smiled and looked at his mother. ‘Yes, she is.’

8. Chichicastenango, Guatemala

Maria was selling vegetables in the market of a small village.

9. Pokhara, Nepal

It was a Sunday in 2015 and just like every weekend, many people from Pokhara, Nepal were spending their time around the splendid Phewa lake.

10. Korolyov, Rusland

Nastya takes passport photos in this little shop, but her dream is to take landscape photos around the world.

11. Reykjavik, IJsland 

Thorunn brings Icelandic women together via a popular online community.

12. Havana, Cuba

An actress? A model? No, she wishes only to finish her studies and become a nurse.

13. Lissabon, Portugal

Daniela is from Lisbon, Portugal and has Angolan origins. It’s lovely to walk on the streets of this gorgeous city and see so many diverse people living in harmony.

14. Berlijn, Duitsland

Anais has a Malian mother and a French father and feels both African and European.

15. Timisoara, Roemenië

Alice was celebrating her high school graduation.

16. Milaan, Italië

The daughter, Caterina, is a ballerina and her biggest supporter is her mother, Barbara.

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Foto’s: Mihaela Noroc

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In The Atlas of Beauty zijn vrouwen uit 60 verschillende landen gefotografeerd