Deze professionele wingsuit baas knalt van 1524 meter hoogte uit een hete luchtballon. Door de jets aan zijn voeten waant Jarno Cordia zich Iron Man en schiet ‘ie door de lucht alsof hem niks kan gebeuren. Gekkenwerk.

“It’s always been a dream taking my wingsuit flying a step further, by adding jet engines. Last week that dream finally became a reality, when I jumped from a hot air balloon with 80 kg thrust strapped to my legs with two Iron Man style Jet Boots”, zegt Jarno.

“The jump was made from an altitude of 5000ft, with the engines blasting at full power 5 seconds after exit. Over the next 2:45 minutes I flew my wingsuit completely without loss of altitude, cruising several kilometres through the Dutch skies and even gaining altitude for a good 60 seconds before deploying my parachute.”