Dit zijn de mooiste cheerleader squads uit de NFL

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Cheerleaders zijn al tientallen jaren razend populair en veel meisjes zullen ongetwijfeld later cheerleader willen zijn. Dat Instagram de laatste jaren een plek als één van de populairste social media platformen heeft bemachtigd is ook een feit. Als je deze samen combineert komen daar prachtige dingen uit. Het is sowieso al een godsgeschenk dat de Amerikanen bij elke sport cheerleaders hebben staan maar dat deze teams Instagram officieel hebben ontdekt is als rode wijn bij een lekker stuk biefstuk: vol overgave genieten.

Om te vieren dat Instagram en NFL Chearleaders naadloos samen zijn gegaan hebben we tien van de populairste Instagram accounts van de cheerleader squads op een rijtje gezet.

1) Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders

One week ago our lives were forever changed as we got to cheer on our @atlantafalcons in Super Bowl LI! Already missing football season ? #riseup #falconscheer

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2) New York Jets Flightcrew

#JFC loving Orlando!

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3) Tampa Bay Bucanneers Cheerleaders

This weekend we're all smiles over the awesome picks joining the @tbbuccaneers this coming season. We hope you're as excited as we are! ?☠️❤️

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4) Washington Redskins First Ladies of Football

We love our rookies! ? #SquadGoals #TeammateTuesday

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5) Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

“Hi Broncos Country! For seven amazing years, I was blessed to cheer for the best team and the best fans in the NFL. From traveling the world visiting our troops to making confetti angels at Super Bowl 50, I am truly humbled to have experienced it all. My story is a bit different than most…. I was on the team from 2005-2010 and then moved to L.A. When I left Denver, my heart never left the DBC. I thought about it every day. When I moved back to Denver four years later, I went to auditions, terrified I wouldn't make it again after so many years. I put my pride on the line and the risk paid off in ways I would have never imagined (like bringing my dad to the Super Bowl and sharing the victory with him!) In truth, I don't have the words to explain the love and gratitude I have for this organization – it has been my heart and soul for over a decade. It has helped me grow from a young, wide-eyed 18-year-old into the woman I am today. DBC pushed me to be my best, lifted me up when I was down, and taught me the meaning of sisterhood. Thank you to the Broncos organization for giving me the experiences of a lifetime and allowing me to be part of your family. Thank you to my teammates and coaches for making me a better person and loving me unconditionally, even when I dress up as a T-Rex. Thank you to the fans for your endless support in the good times and the bad. Broncos fans are the most loyal, dedicated fans in the NFL. Keep bleeding that orange and blue! Thank you all for the Mile High Magic!” – DBC Romi (aka BREX) #FarewellFriday #DBC2016

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6) Housten Texans Cheerleaders

We're hoping to see YOU at #HTCTryOuts2017 on April 1st! *Register on HoustonTexans.com TODAY?

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7) Seattle Sea Gals

Have you enjoyed the Seattle snow the last few days? ❄️

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8) Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Check out the 4th webisode of Making the Calendar on Facebook.com/DolphinsCheerleaders #swimsuitsaturday Swimsuits: @despiusa

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9) Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

“My favorite memory from this season was traveling overseas for our 81st USO Tour. I was able to thank our military for everything that they do. While on tour, we promoted fun and healthy lifestyles to the children of our military families. We met so many great people, and I will forever be grateful for that once in a lifetime opportunity.” -Megan

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10) 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders

Happy Monday #Faithful! One week closer to Football! ???❤

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Dit zijn de mooiste cheerleader squads uit de NFL