De 11 heetste gifjes van superchick Iskra Lawrence om je dag op te fleuren

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Dit curvy supermodel is een van de heetste en beroemdste plus size modellen ter wereld. Naast dat ze ons verblijdt met mooie foto’s, staat ze bekend om haar uitgesproken persoonlijkheid. Precies zoals we ervan houden. Iskra Lawrence haar 4 miljoen volgers op Instagram genieten dagelijks van beide.

Iskra Lawrence is de bedenker van het gezond lichaam positiviteits programma genaamd everyBODY with Iskra. Het Britse model staat bekend om haar uitgesproken persoonlijkheid over gelukkig zijn met je eigen lichaam. Ze post regelmatig unedited foto’s om te laten zien dat ze dan ook prachtig is. Wij zijn het geheel met haar eens!

Please anyone who reads the comments on my pics don’t let it ever stop you from sharing your thoughts. We are all human, I’m not perfect but you’re following me and my page. I could easily just post pics like this every single day. They get me the most likes, the most follows and the least controversy. But that’s not all I feel and believe. Sometimes I’m passionate sometimes I’m confused sometimes i just want to share exactly what I’m feeling in that present moment. I don’t have social media management i don’t plan my posts to make my feed look “good” and as u know i won’t spend time out of my day photoshopping myself in the pics i take because; I know perfect doesn’t exist, I don’t want to create insecurities for myself about my body irl, and i got friends to chill wit and food to eat? (There’s nothing wrong with using social media differently – but that just isn’t me) I’ll always be real with you and sometimes that’s controversial, sometimes I will be wrong and sometimes I may piss you off. But i believe in being true to myself and I encourage you all to do you too. Never be scared to show vulnerability, share your story, or your beliefs. I refuse to switch my comments off even when they make me angry or disappointed because I want to learn…each of our human experiences are different so conversing is vital to pushing forward and having empathy for one another. So thank you to those who support me for being me you my real ones ILYSM and sending love to everyone who puts themselves out there I see you❤️

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DJ luck and MC cheek

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Om te laten zien wat voor een pracht dame dit is, hier 11 gifjes van de bombshell:


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Foto: Instagram @nataliegage_

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De 11 heetste gifjes van superchick Iskra Lawrence om je dag op te fleuren