ExtremeTuners test de Mitsubishi EVO ix en het is echt te krankzinnig voor woorden. Het ziet er al gruwelijk uit maar de uiteindelijke 2100 pk die gehaald is, laat je spontaan achterover klappen. Wat een monster.

“It was good time for all the friends of motor sport, and in particular for the EVO 4g63 fans that there is a continuous progress on this platform. We recently tested our Mitsubishi EVO ix. The second try of the event and we dialled in 1680-1700hp. 3rd try was with 2100hp but we had clutch slip, from excessive wheel spin and damaged the clutch and 5th gear. So the pass was made with out 5th gear, 1.2 60ft – 8.0 @ 248 – 155mph”, stellen de guys van ExtremeTuners.