‘Don’t drink and drive. But if you do, call me.’ In Breaking Bad was Saul Goodman al geweldig met z’n oneliners, in Better Call Saul doet ‘ie het nog beter. Hilarisch. Uiteraard steeds gebracht met zijn typische blik en uitgestoken vingertje. Na amper vier afleveringen kunnen we er al een boek mee vullen, dus hebben we de 10 beste quotes van Saul voor je op een rijtje gezet:

1. “I’m the guy on your speed dial right next to your weed dealer.”

2. “It’s discreet, like a stripper pole in a mosque.”

3. “The only way that entire car is worth 500 bucks is if there’s a 300 dollar hooker sitting in it.”

4. “Only two things I know about Albuquerque – Bugs Bunny should’ve taken a left turn there. And give me a hundred tries, I’ll never be able to spell it.”

5. “What’d you eat for lunch, the whole roast beast?”

6. “Well, like they say in Silicon Valley. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

7. “Could be argued that all of life is one great coincidence.”

8. “I wouldn’t characterize this as a community health risk, but it’s community interest.”

9. “You gave them probable cause out the wazoo.”

10. “Upon this rock, I will build my church.”